Windows 7 secrets, tweaks

Hiya! interested in windows 7? read this ebook!
Windows 7 secrets Ebook


creating your own forum, for free

this tutorial will show you how to install forum software on a free web host and maintain your own community board, under 5 minutes of configuration!

create a free website on a free hosting service

in this video you will learn how to find and set up your own free website. this tutorial learns you how to install wordpress on a free hosting service using a script installer

How to create Youtube a video

Wondering how to create a youtube video tutorial yourself? well it’s simple really. You just need the right tools to get started!

Video editing & recording software
To create a video you will need Video editing and recording software. There are multiple software packages to pick from but I edit and record my videos all with the same great software called Camtasia studio. this tool allows you to do screen recordings and can even be attached to certain windows! after you recorded something it is time to edit it. you need to safe and load the recording in your camtasia studio project, you can also add in pictures and music! when you are done putting everything in the right place you just produce the whole package as a new video! and you are done! it’s really as easy as that.

Photoshop is software to create and edit pictures. but you can create awesome designs with it too. I recommend using it when you want to state a little explanation or text inside of your video. safe your photoshop file as .png and load it in your camtasia project manager!

Where can I find this software, it’s not free!
Although illegal you can always download a torrent client. I use qtorrent aftwards you can search a torrent site for the software, like make sure you watch out for dangerous files that may harm your computer. on isohunt you can read comments about certain torrents. if stated that it contains viruses you better not download it! 🙂

Automate internet tasks using Imacro.

I will show you how to automate internet tasks! If you want to click a certain link every 10 seconds for example, this little firefox addon called Imacro will do it for you! The idea is actually pretty basic and simple. it’s like a action recorder for your browser, You can record things you do and save the recordings in a script file. You can then play them later! You can also play them in a loop fastly after eachother… This way you can Spam forums automatically! it also has a wait timer. Supose you want to spam a forum that has a post timer set at 30 seconds, just record your posting, set a waiting time of 30 seconds and voila! you just bypassed the anti spam filter 😀

Video displaying me Spamming a forum using Imacro firefox addon automatic!

You can download Imacro for firefox here:

Google Cache Browsing, visit blocked sites and view deleted pages!

Ahhh The power of google should not be underestimated, there are various tricks you can perform using google, Including finding passwords for paid websites and super searches. But we are not discussing any of the previously said in this post. I will explain you the power of Google cache browsing!

What is google cache?
We all know google, the search engine that helps you search information on the internet. To find this information google has created a software bot called ‘GoogleBot’. This bot travels down the internet following links and discovering new pages. When Google found a new page it indexes the content and uploads it too their own server. So they always have a sort of ‘copy’ of the page. When googlebot visits a site that it previously visited it checks if any of the content has been updated. If not it skips the page and goes on. The indexed and collected pages on google’s servers is called “google cache” You can visit sites in this cache by clicking In cache near to the search results. This will load the page as googlebot found it the last time it passed there.

Whats so great about that?
Well the great thing is you can use google cache browsing to bypass IP and LINK blocks. supose you are at work and the ICT manager has blocked a certain photo site, you could enter the name of the photosite in the search box, hit search and load the cached page. Since google is not blocked you can view the page that googlebot indexed! This way you can view information that should be blocked! :]
I uploaded a little video to show you how this is done, you can view it here:
Visit blocked sites using google cache browsing